Petities Soirees is suitable for which age?

We typically cater for ages 6 to 14 years, however if you have a special request we are happy to work with you.

Is there a delivery or set up cost?

No we have included all delivery, set up and pack up costs into the packages.

When does delivery and pack down happen?

We will come and set up the soiree on the day of the booked date. Pack down generally happens on the following day, with the exception of Sunday’s, where pack downs will take place on the following Monday. Times can be requested and will be facilitated to the best of our abilities, ensuring maximum time for celebrations & fun. We are happy to work with you if you require a different option.

What bedding is included in the packages?

Every package comes with a cotton sheet, mattress protector, foam mattress and doona (duvet) with a cotton cover. All campers must bring their own pillows and pillow cases for hygiene reasons.

Does the linen need to be washed after the soiree before pick up?

No Petites Soirees will collect and then wash all linen after every party in sensitive washing liquid.

Does Petites Soirees host the party?

No we don’t stay to host the party. We will ensure the campsite is set up and styled to perfection. We also have some Soiree Suggestions here that might give you some fun ideas and activity’s for the special day.

How much space DO we need for a soiree?

Each tent including mattress and breakfast table is approximately 2m in length x 1m in width.

Do I need a power supply?

No all our lanterns and fairy lights are battery operated.

Can the camp be set up outdoors?

No, our tents and equipment are not waterproof. They are made for indoor ‘glamping’ only.

Can the campers eat in their tent?

Absolutely they can. We do ask that you are mindful of liquids and spillage inside the tents. The breakfast tray is provided for water, popcorn/chips, etc whilst watching their movie or sharing stories and of course for breakfast the next morning.
Irreparable damage will incur replacement or cleaning fees to bring the equipment back to  its original condition.

How do I book a Petites Soiree?

Please send Jess an email to jess@petitessoirees.sg or give her a call on 9771 1761 to find out more & also check date availability.

How is my booking secured?

Once we have received your enquiry, we will email through our terms and conditions. When we receive acknowledgment and acceptance of the T&C’s you will be required to pay a $100 deposit to secure your soiree date and time. The balance of payment will be due 2 weeks out from soiree date.

How do we pay for the soiree?

You can pay by electronic transfer, PayPal or cash.

What is the cancellation period?

If you cancel the party more then 3 weeks out from party date you will receive a full refund  of your $100 deposit. Cancellations less than 3 weeks from the soiree date will forfeit the full deposit.