My name is Jess and I am the creator of Petites Soirées, a concept I have finally brought to life since moving to Singapore in January 2017.
My inspiration for Petite Soirées came about for two main reasons: firstly, living far away from our family and friends in Australia I missed the fun and exciting parties I used to create for my two children and all their friends; secondly, I became increasingly frustrated driving island wide, sometimes for weeks on end, piecing together and styling themed parties for my children here in Singapore.
My aim is to make children’s Birthday parties simple to host, affordable and, most of all, memorable for everyone. And so, I have put together some beautifully themed and styled glamping experiences that will ensure all of these key elements are achieved without the added hassle and frustration.

We are lucky enough to have made some wonderful friends in the short time we have been here and I want to ensure our kids continue to create wonderful new birthday memories with many of their friends and I hope yours will too. 

I look forward to making your next Soirée a memorable and exciting event on the birthday calendar.