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Introducing Singapore’s newest children’s party CONCEPT: Petites Soirées.


Petites Soirées is a slumber event hire and styling company that will come to your home and create the perfect kids indoor ‘glamping’ experience, allowing your guests to enjoy the camping experience in the safety of your own home.
We have designed some gorgeous themes popular with both girls and boys – all you need to do is choose the theme and we will take care of the set-up, styling and pack up at the end of the event. Hosting a petites soiree will bring to life the excitement and fun of sleepovers – creating so many wonderful, fun and enchanting childhood memories.


When we look back at our childhood, some of our favourite and fondest memories are of the sleepover and camping experiences we shared with family and friends. Petites Soirées has been designed with this in mind: adding an element of adventure and allowing many more children to enjoy the same.
We are so excited to bring this amazing concept to Singapore and can’t wait to help bring your Soirée to life. Hosting a Petites Soirée is guaranteed to be the talk of the playground for weeks leading up to and after the event.